On Dec 17, after I competed at Miss Universe, two of my sweet friends, who had flown to Bangkok to cheer me on, helped me pack my three weeks worth of belongings and change for a celebration dinner with my family and friends who had traveled across the world. They conned me into wearing an over the top white Sherri Hill cocktail dress by dirty-ing the beautiful t-length blush satin dress I had planned to wear (little did I know it was because I would become a fiancé in white)!

We arrived at the Icon Siam Mall in Bangkok, where I was escorted outside to the River Front Terrance. I instantly caught eyes with my guy while he was standing alone in a suit next to a small table. I knew. We sat down and began looking at a scrapbook he put together with important dates of our relationship and photos throughout (I could not stop wondering how long he was going to make me wait before he would pop the question)! Then, asked to wash my feet, resembling the humble sacrificial love of Christ, read me Mark 10:9 out of a bible we both received at Passion Conference 2017, and then asked me to be his wife. I was so overwhelmed with emotion I couldn’t stop giggling and excitedly said “uh, yeah!” – if you know me, this isn’t a surprise at all. He opened a crystal red rose ring box and slid a dream ring onto my finger.



He went above and beyond to make the ring beautifully meaningful by customizing a cross as the diamond’s basket – to resemble the foundation of our relationship in Christ – he also included 14 diamonds from his Nana’s ring.

Rose Ring Box
The Ring


After hugs and tears, our families both came out from hiding- we screamed, cried, and took photos. Then some of our closest friends appeared – we hugged, cried more, and took some more photos. We shared a toast, prayer, yummy meal and cheesecake (thanks to my best friend picking up my favorite dessert on her way).

I simply couldn’t imagine a more perfect, beautiful, loving proposal. I am so grateful to have this man in my life. Here’s to many more breath-taking moments together.

families merge
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