how we met…

Shoutout to Blair Lynch and Kenny Hill!!

One of Conner's best friends in high school, Kenny, had been in a relationship with one of my closest girlfriends, Blair, for years. They tried to set us up after Conner expressed interest to her. I simply did not acknowledge the idea because I was focusing on my two college degrees, two jobs, and my relationship with Christ. A few months later, after seeing on social media that he was volunteering with guy friends to help flood victims in Louisiana, I contacted my friend and said: “I want to serve others with my significant other!” She put us in contact, he messaged me on Facebook – something really lame, “I guess we have to get together.”

first unofficial date

Although the message did not adequately portray his excitement, we were both nervous and giddy. He attended my college formal with me, we had a blast two-stepping, laughing, talking all night long. That is the night I knew he was the one, my sister-in-law can attest to this, as I called her and filled her in the next morning! The following weekend he took me on our first official date. The plans were to go to dinner and his brother’s hockey game (where I would meet his entire family). Needless to say, Conner had never had a girlfriend before. Because I was already head over heels, I could not even pick out an outfit – three of my best friends helped me find a cute, yet appropriate to meet the parents, look. From that day on I haven’t gone a day without speaking to him, being encouraged by him, praying with him, and loving him fully.

First Omaha trip