Fit Despite The Flights...

Traveling? It seems like a part of my job description this year. However, another part of my job is to represent the USA at Miss Universe. Therefore, I have to stay fit despite my wonky schedule and frequent travels.

While traveling as Miss USA, I am most often fully booked from early in the morning to late at night, sometimes with a break midday. I have to utilize any break I have, in order to use my mornings to get ready and then sleep when my day is over. My secret: don’t bother with a hotel gym (plus, some of my hotels this year haven’t even had gyms). Pack ankle weights and a jump rope. Too simple? Embrace it. Use ankle weights for donkey kicks, clams, inner thigh raises, fire hydrants, inverted v’s, standing glute pulses, and more for your lower body. Then, hold them for upper body exercises like tricep extensions, bicep curls, back flies, tricep kick backs, chest flies, etc. Alternate weighted exercises with 1-2 minute jump rope and vue-wah-lah! Toning and cardio all without the hassle of a gym or ample time.

No excuses - order yours and get going!